Have any have you guys rode the 717?

Have any of you guys rode the 717 IRL

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Yeah I got the scrub seats on the back where the windows are blocked by the engine cowling. It’s a weird sensation. Back there take off and landings feel SUPER exaggerated because your so far in the back. And I swear the pilot who was flying was tap dancing the rudder pedals the entire flight cus the tail was swinging back and forth constantly


XD I would love to be in there


Yep, in first though

I’ve been on a DL 717 not long ago.

It gets really nauseating cus your body dosnt know which way you are going. I think it’s just cus I as so far aft of the cg that any tiny little movement was amplified. But whatever. Ugh. AirTran. Never again.

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Nope…never so far

It’s not as bad sitting next to the front of the engine on a md-80. Waaaay louder and more bouncier.


Md-80 is a cool aircraft by all means, but they feel like there about to fall out of the sky constantly. Most other airplanes, even Cessna’s, feel like sturdy. But the md80 I Lew on felt like was on the edge constantly

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I flew one with AirTran back when they were around.

Yes, blue1 when they were still “alive” :)


Yes, a few times from Tampa to Atlanta on Delta Airlines, it gave me a nice feel of the cabin back when I was younger as well as the engines not being as loud as the MD-90. It was an enjoyable ride

These are good
post guys thanks 👍

Delta 717 a few times. Usually end up with a seat near front of engine which is pretty loud and annoying.


Tons of Delta 717’s come to the closest airport to me

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That’s why it’s called the mad dog.

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Yeah i flew a delta 717 from Washington D.C. to JFK

XD, I had the same seats in the DAL MD-88. Only one row up from those seats on the 717, but you still have to close the window shade because the reflection off the white engine hurts your eyes. XD

Yep, like some others I flew on some AirTran 717s when they were around. I loved AirTran too.

From MDW-ATL-PNS back in the AirTran days.

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