Have an alarm build into IF

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Do you guys fly mostly long-haul flights? Maybe 8 hours, even more than 10 hours flights? How many of you would fly these routes at night when you are sleeping? And how many of you end up having to turn around or divert, or even crash because you ran out of fuel (with some speed violations too), when you return to your device too late?

To me, it’s very annoying that this happens, especially when you are running out of fuel, since that many hours of flight would be wasted just like this. And it’s not only me, sometimes when looking at the radar when in game, I commonly see someone still cruising at 40000 feet over their destination according to their flight plans on the Expert Server. Like this guy, taken just minutes ago on LiveFlight because I saw him flying over WSSS without desending:

So, I propose having a build-in alarm into the app, so that if you are at a particular distance / ETE away from the destination (I suggest 500 nm from destination, although there can also be a setting where you can change the distance / time from the airport). I know, you can always have an alarm set in your mobile. Thing is, running an iOS device, if the alarm sounds in the middle of your flight, IF has the tendency to crash (force close), causing your entire flight to be lost. Well, I experienced this a month ago, and I don’t know if this bug has been fixed as of now since I don’t dare to ruin another long haul flight again.

There are two reasons why I propose this feature, even though it does not contribute to having a more realistic flight simulator. The first is, since IF does not allow any alarms to be set on your device because it would crash, we would have to use another device/alarm clock to wake up on time. However, some or most of you would be playing IF on your one and only mobile phone, as you either do not have a spare phone or an iPad. This leaves us to only use ‘traditional’ alarm clocks. And some of them are not loud enough to wake us up either.

Second is, the ETE would vary due to the winds. I may set my alarm to ring about 30 minutes before my scheduled arrival time, and would find myself waking up either too early (due to strong headwinds) or too late (strong tailwinds). If too early, I would unintentionally go back to sleep since I would be tired for waking up early, causing myself to oversleep again. If too late, well you know the consequences…

Thus, by having this feature, it would ensure our long haul flights won’t go to waste, especially when we conduct these flights at night. As said, I’m aware this does not contribute to the realism of IF, but I’m sure it would make our experiences when flying long haul flights better.

Thank you and cheers!

I can’t find any similar feature request, feel free to drop a link if there is one.

I just leave my iPad running and set a timer on my phone for about 8 am. It’s worked for me just fine so far.


I believe there is already a topic similar to yours. I personally think this one has more detail, but the other has 10 votes for it…

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I set timer on my iPhone :D

Okay sorry, didn’t catch that topic. Mods, feel free to close this then…

You are lucky then, since I would mostly experience changing head/tailwinds.

And the device didn’t crash?


Well I play on iPad and my phone for chatting and timer :D

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Simple solution. Alarm clock.


I’m aware, I’ve already stated above…

This isn’t a good suggestion and really isn’t the kind of thing that we need for a flight simulator. Just buy an alarm clock or set an alarm on another device, I’d rather have FDS work on a new aircraft than something to wake me up.

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This irrelevant because all smart phones have alarms you can set. If not, your body should be able to get up the same time you do everyday and just plan your flight against the time you averagely sleep. If this don’t help, just don’t do Long Haul flights at night time.

I did experience a problem just this morning. I was flying Tokyo-LA, and my alarm went off, went to snooze it, and when I did, the app though I had closed it and then proceeded to auto update, ending my flight. That was a one time thing, but it will help.

You know they sell smaller alarm clocks these days ;)

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Incorrect Sir, Every Genuine Suggest is a good suggestion! Whether it should be implemented is another matter, lets not shun people for making a suggestion :)

Happy Flying,


I was just thinking about this before I went to sleep on my long haul, haha.

It would be very useful for people like me who fly with their phone and don’t have another device to set an alarm off on, so you have to guess before the flight.

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Here’s a solution. Say your ETE is 7hr 23min and the current time is 10:00 PM. Add 7 to 10 which is 17 or 5:00, then add the 23, so 5:23 AM. Buy an alarm clock, set it to about 5:05 am, and you’re set. No extra features, updates, or programming required:) Then again, headwinds/Tailwinds effect the ETE often times, and in that case this would be helpful. However, I do see where you’re going with this and can agree that it would be an interesting feature.

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To be honest, this one is much nicer, so I won’t be heartbroken if mine is closed and this one stays.

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I suggest planning your flight with Simbrief or equal software that takes into account all the winds and such and therefore gives a very accurate arrival time. Works for me every time.


I have to say… 110% Essay!

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I think the biggest issue is the 1:1 flight duration. Not sure if this really helps, even in this top notch simulator.
Here are some minuses:

  • no user benefits - people leave it open for 8 hours then return just to land.
  • might reduce the lifetime of the device (display/battery)

So I would suggest maybe, the possibility to alter the time rate: game vs real: 2x, 3x … etc. I know this is complex, but other simulators are using it as well and might increase the game attraction.

This has been considered by developers in the past, however real-time makes the app ever so more realistic. In addition newer devices which are being used with global will rarely break by doing what they are designed to do, turn on.