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I have a question will the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and Boeing 777-300ER make the 17 to 18 hour flight of SQ21.

I have the route

GREKI JUDDS CAM YMX MT HENDY J482 YFM 6000N/07300W 6500N/07100W 7000N/07000W DAPAK APSIN 8400N/06000W 8700N/04000W ABERI M153 RAVUL M153 BINTA M153 HTG M153 TUREM M153 LUMIG B155 IKT A492 ADIDA R497 BABTA G917 LABOB A809 MEBEG A809 LETBI B480 MORIT B330 YBL B330 ZYG W24 HX G212 XFA A581 SAGAG B218 LPB B346 PCB W26 PSL W9 BKK M751 VPK B469 BIKTA PIBAP PASPU NYLON

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Yes. Pack light in terms of cargo + pax and pack heavy in fuel. Check FPLtoIF.com to get the best route in terms of fuel conservation

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Okay mate I will pack full fuel

I tried with the 787-10. To be honest pretty much go full fuel. I think IRL they only have like 70 pax in that flight too so take that into account.

I will do mate, Iā€™m about to takeoff for my event

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