Have airplane lights be visible from inside cockpit

This is something that I am very confused as to why it isn’t in the app. It would add more realism to it.

You can see in this picture that the planes landing lights and strobes are on. I imagine their nav lights and beacons are probably on too.

When you go to the cockpit view (this picture is zoomed in), you can’t see any of the lights.

And this isn’t a one-time issue. This happens with all planes.

Thank you!

We had one of these in support. Thought it was logged as a bug?

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I guess maybe they used to have the lights visible (I honestly can’t remember), but ever since Global came out I’ve never been able to see other planes lights from my cockpit.

You also can’t see landing and storbes from the cockpit.

Right. I meant all lights 😊

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It is, but it’s something on FDS’s end. I think @schyllberg handled the topic if I remember correctly. I also had this issues and would love to see this bug fixed in the future!