Have a Resume from last session if IF suddenly crashes

You know the struggle. You are on final after being on a 12+ hour flight across the world and all of a sudden the frame rate becomes unstable and crashes the game or a similar fate comes to play. What I propose is an option where if your session ends abruptly, you can resume where you were last placed on the map so that you can finish your flight on a high note. This will only go for if the game crashes though, this is not the case if you get too many violations, ghosted, or something similar.
PS if this is unsuitable to be in the features category, please let me know ASAP😀

oh this is actually i nice idea but i dk how it will be implemeted like in the main menu?

I came across this idea from YouTube actually when I was watching a video, the app crashed, and went back in to see a little note that asked if I could resume the video.

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That would create many problems if you suddenly spawn into a controlled airspace with heavy traffic on the way…

Just imagine spawning into another guy 🤠


Something like this?

This covers basically the same use case.

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That is similar but it’s not the same case… I’m not asking for a pause button for live flights…

@InfiniteFlightDeck Yes! Like this. I can’t believe no one voted for something like this and just got lost in the discourse due to inactivity

This is useful, but people would abuse

How would this be abusive? This only happens if the simulation crashes by itself.

Depending on implementation restrictions, there might be a possibility that force stopping IF will trigger this function as well.

Unlikely as in YouTube that is not what happens when you force stop the app while watching a video. You are given the opportunity when a crash happens.