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Hi guys I have a question.
I used to use iPhone to fly but now I buy a new Android phone. I think I used Apple ID to log in the game. Is there any way I can use my Android phone to log in the game and have the same flies as the older one?

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Hi! They probably have to migrate your old account to your new google account (maybe). I will tag a developer who helped me with my previous problem. Good day!

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No need to tag Seb; this is in #support so he will see it anyway :)

You cannot log in with your Apple ID to download the app on Android, and migrating the two accounts is not possible. You’ll have to purchase the app again.

This is actually not a thing. But it will be, quite soon :)

What is your callsign and display name? We can check what the status of your account is in terms of sign-in method. If any that is.


My callsign is Air China 3744 and display name is EasonChan0307. Is it possible to log in the game with my new Android phone?

Your account is linked to a Facebook profile.

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So I can log in the account by Facebook?

Yes. You should be able to do so.

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Ok thanks very much

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