Have a problem with connection


So I can’t flight live. So what should I do?

Checked your internet?
What device are you using?

We need you to elaborate what is your issue.

The only other thing I can tell what happened is that he could’ve left the app and came back to a disconnection.

Internet is fantastic

iPhone 11


What I’ll ask is did you leave the app at any time?

No I was in the app

So maybe there are some problems with training server

I’m not sure if outages do happen in individual servers.

Mostly error caused by your internet connection! When you open another Windows while you’re playing IF to check a messages or another application, this problem will happened. It’s happened repeatedly to me.

They aren’t the issues as the OP has denied them.

So I don’t know but works only casual server

That why i’ve two devices, since that never been interrupted while playing IF. Costly…

Did you recieve any text calls or notifications as those can cause this to happen?

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