Have a Plan. Look Around.

So, I open LEAL, and I’m 0 for 3 on pilots figuring out how to get out of their stands. I give up.

Don’t go by habit alone. Look around you.

If there’s a big yellow taxi line straight ahead out of your stand that then merges into the main taxiway…take it. Don’t pushback into nowhere just because you always pushback. Don’t spin like a top in your stand. Take the obvious path. Maybe it’s different from normal, but it’s okay to spend a couple seconds looking around and formulating a plan.

And if you are in one of the few spots that require a pushback, “pushback approved” means just that I heard you ask for taxi. It’s just you can’t taxi from that spot.

Taxi means you can taxi straight forward to a taxiway. It does not mean any way you feel like twirling around across grass and stands is okay.

While I’m here:

Please do not pushback into the main, sometimes only, taxiway to the runway. There are reasons the ramp is separated from the taxiway at airports.


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I found the same problem there last night. For some reason, I think the different colors in pavement confused people and they missed their turn and ended up in a dead end. Thankfully there was never more than one doing a U-turn down there at a time…

Summer-syndrome is what I call this phenomena that is appearing more frequently on the forums…

The summer has started, lots of new and inexperienced pilots. I’ve seen more and more threads pop-up.

It’ll pass, just direct them towards the forums.

Totally understand .Some times it blocks traffic taxiing to the runway and causes a long line

Thanks for clarifying and for pointing out that some stands do require pushback while others don’t!

A small information regarding the last information: There are some (small) airports where the taxiway of the apron is the main taxiway (e.g. Kos (LGKO)) and pushing onto it is fine. Nonetheless you are right stating that normally it isn’t fine.

I had a “grade 4” just yesterday continue to ask for taxi rather than pushback despite clear white tarmac lines and grass in front. Yep, I know you don’t want to pushback, but I am going to keep giving the command. It of course ended in a rage quit…

I echo Tim, look around, assess the situation, and then ask for the appropriate service. If you are not sure, listen to the controller.

I’d also add that folks should assess the taxiway situation. If you don’t see a taxiway running next to your runway, you are likely going to need to back taxi. Rather than asking ground to cross the runway to nowhere, switch to tower and ask for takeoff. The controller will back taxi you on the runway.


This is why we still lecture on crtical thinking skills in schools. A little SA goes a long way and keeps you out of trouble. Good food for thought.



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I just pray that The Blues win the Stanley Cup tonight. Or I feel bad for a lot of misbehaving pilots tomorrow 😂


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Well said! Situational awareness and planning are absolutely crucial in any real flight (especially at an unfamiliar airport!) so I would expect it to be equally important in Infinite Flight.

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Let’s go bruins @Asneed8706!!


You’re better than this lol. Lieutenant 😈

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