have a collision with any aircraft shall constitute a “System Generated Crash

instead of us crashing to the ground, and crashing. now hears this if you hit another plane on any sever you will damage your plane.like in real if you hit another plane you have to repair it.

and after you hit the plane on the top left corner it will say repair any will repair you plane.

I’m not sure that repairing your plane is the right thing for we switch planes every flight. (At least most of us do) Plus if we had realistic crashes everyone would be slamming their planes into the ground! But this would be cool.


MaxSez: you’ll get my vote If you change your recommendation to “haveing a collision with any aircraft shall constitute a “System Generated Crash”. Regards All


Topic above had a similar idea though it’s very old.

I agree with @Wattsup_jet . It’s not like anyone would want to have to spend cash because they were rammed into by another pilot.

Secondly, this is a flight simulator and people are learning to fly in the sim. So adding this feature would create a financial nightmare fro you and will make the sim not fun at all(lack of a better word to use).


It wouldn’t be too bad to have the “Crash” if you hit another aircraft on the ground, but the idea of having to repair it costing me money doesn’t makes sense.


@Kiz. MaxSez: A Comment well removed from reality. Please explain the “Financial” impact conclusion to this specious observation by both you and the author?

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The need to use money to repair aircrafts is unneeded hence it would create unnecessary expenditure by ‘repairing’ the plane every time an incident occurs.


This is a flight simulator, not a crash simulator. :)