Haut Le Drapeau / Fly the Flag Tokyo Olympics 2021 Air Canada 787-9

Haut Le Drapeau / Fly the Flag Air Canada 787-9

French Side

English Side

Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag carrier of Canada and is Headquartered in Saint Laurent in Montreal. The Airline flies to 207 destinations globally.

Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 is a long-range aircraft that has two variants, being the 787-8 and 9 variants. The Plane was introduced in late 2011 with ANA airlines.

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I hope you guys also don’t mind that i have 2 pictures, as i think its needed.

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Let’s come and get this livery before the Tokyo Olympics!

Also, there seems to be no Olympic logo on it, so there seems to be no copyright issues about it other than Air Canada

Accidentally made a duplicate topic of yours, you’ve got my vote for this one for sure!

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For a habs fan… you have my vote for shure

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