Hauling to Down Under

Flight from Honolulu to Sydney in a FedEx 777F with my older brother in a FedEx MD-11F @Ethan_Brown

Cargo flight from Honolulu international to Sydney international, Time unknown, me and my brother wanted a fun overnight to do And my brother had seen a flight radar of this flight so we decided to do it

Preflight check


Lining up on the runway before an impatient FedEx MD-11 Cuts me off @Ethan_Brown
Taking off

Departure, see ya Honolulu


Short final

Almost hitting the ILS Antenna


Taxiing off the runway, wait unknown plane inbound! @Ethan_Brown

Whew, that was close


Good job Evan my favorite is the 3rd one

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Great pictures!

Sadly, due to the rules stated in #screenshots-and-videos you can only have a maximum of 10 photos, so you will have to remove one.

Nice Flying, with your brother.(Let me guess, competition for buttery landing??) Amazing Pics!

Of course😎

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Awesome pictures! i need to fly in/out of hawaii more