Hauling to Booston!

So today I flew one of CAVA’s special Halloween routes. This route took my from Hong Kong to Boston, Massachusetts. While Boston is known for its parties and festivities, the nearby city of Salem has a deeper meaning. Salem is known for the infamous Salem witch trials. I hope you like my photos. Enjoy!

Route: VHHH - KBOS
Aircraft: 77W
Flight time: 14:42

Parked at Hong Kong 🇭🇰!


Over Northern Canada 🇨🇦!

On final Approach!


Welcome to Boston!


You mean the movie Hocus Pocus?

Nice photos!


This one is my favorite, nice photos!

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We are glad you enjoyed the Halloween routes and the flight time boost that came with it! Thank you for flying with us! That “final approach” picture is sweet!

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Thanks all!