Haulin’ to Guangzhou

I’m happy to share another one of my long haul flights with the IFC! Today, I am flying with the Cathay A350 from KLAX-VHHH which later will be changed to ZGGG just for some ATC coverage lol

Flight Info:

Flight Time: Quarter over 13 hours
Server: ES
Aircraft: A359

At TBIT waiting for push and start clearance

Taking off runway 25R

On Pacific track K just after point CEPAS

Exiting the track and turning south at Naha (Japan)

Flying overhead Shimojishima, a small Japanese island far from mainland Japan

Turning west over the southernmost tip of Taiwan

Entering Guangzhou Centre’s airspace. The Pearl River Delta (picture above) is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. It also contains three major airports, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou International.

Inbound on the ILS 20L

After a firm landing, we cross runway 20R as a China Southern 787 vacates for a short taxi to parking

Sitting at the gate after a good flight

Thanks for your time!


Nice pictures! Finally an A350 in this category 😂


Thanks! I appreciate it 😂

A Cathay Pacific A350 into Guangzhou. People in the People’s Republic would consider this an invasion by Hong Kong hahaha. Nevertheless, great photos!

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Nice shot 🔥

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Hahaha, in reality I think it would be the other way around :shrug:

Thanks I appreciate it!!

Love this angle!

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Thanks!! The sun shining on the plane makes it look better 😃

Those are some beautiful shots! The one over Taiwan was my absolute favorite

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Thanks! I like the shot over shimojishima the best 🙂

Yeah, that’s also a really pretty one!

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