Hats off to IFATC ASH/Lszh34/fellow pilots

I just touched down at Hilo with Ash as the ground and tower controller. As I was approaching the Hilo airspace, there was an apparent surge in traffic both on the ground and in the number of inbounds. At first I was expecting the usual, or at times, mismanagement of speed and separation by a portion of the pilots inbound creating a messy line towards the cone. However this time it seemed as if all pilots (15+) inbound had been assembling a relatively organized entry into the towered space from both the north and south. It was great. Just as I was about to enter into a distant pattern, Lszh34 jumped on the approach frequently to help with the number of inbounds I can only assume. This just added the icing to the cake in my mind. Great service by absolute pro’s, and what a pleasure to fly with the community at times like this. Thanks all.


Thank you very much! It’s really nice to here such feedback.

Enjoy your flights on Expert!


Thankyou for your feedback. Before @LSZH34 came for approach, it was hectic, had more then 30 inbounds from all directions, finally after approach came online, everything became organized once again.


Great controllers,both!


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