Hateful callsigns


He was giving a thought or voicing his opinion.


I understand that, I was giving my Opinion too.


In opinion, you callsign is perfectly fine. Why? That is your callsign. You are not attempting to be annoying, or make a extremely long callsign.


Sorry hate to be that guy, but it’s getting on my nerves…


That’s not my callsign. I was just asking


The callsign you cave as an example (N-1626OA) is fine.


Thanks for that 👍


As long as it’s not inappropriate just dont look at it


Once I saw this: BLUEBALLS


I mean it’s nothing vulgar or derogatory. In my opinion, these callsigns are just plain annoying. The likes of XXXXXXXX 1536245. It just takes a million years to spell it out during conversations with the ATC or on the Unicom. just eats up time during a busy session. other than that, I don’t really have an issue with these.


Don’t go over analyzing things. I realize this is being brought up due the previous incident i was involved in. That incident has been handled and the report was removed as me & the user talked it through and all is good.

@Chris_S put it pretty well on how things are handled.

For those of you unsure if you are using a callsign that could be “inappropriate” - well, if it is super repetitive and generally annoying… you should probably consider something else. If it takes more than 3 seconds for the text-to-speech engine to say it, it’s probably too long.

But please, don’t go nitpicking about these things. We won’t. And sending a PM to us for every little minor thing will only make things worse as we won’t have time to handle the ones that are actually really bad.

We all want the online environment to be a friendly place, let’s all do our best to keep it as such!


just the numbers, alphabets are OK.


Not Necessarily. A callsign of HEHEHEHEHEHEHE would not be acceptable. Again, don’t over analyze it and use your head. If you have to ask yourself if it is too much, it probably is.


I agree. But I have never seen a HEHE… dude. :(


My call sign is “GXA1530”. That’s acceptable right?


Yes! We don’t need this thread turning into is this callsign acceptable, is this one etc.

It’s common sense! If you have a feeling that your callsign is annoying, rude, or breaches Terms of Services then it probably isn’t the right callsign and you should change it.

It really is common sense.


@Declan_O Yipee! Yay! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂


speaking of… just saw this charmer…😅



oh dear…😂😂😂


It’s not often that I legitimately laugh out loud from an online post… that one got me.