Hateful callsigns


I don’t know why, but I keep seeing a user whose callsign is WTFSuper. I’m also questioning myself if callsign ID numbers like 66666666 or 12345678 are bad callsigns which would be considered like trolling.


I don’t know, some people just like to have fun. During the need for speed event, my callsign was YEETLIFE.
Maybe not in the expert server tho.


That’s okay because that’s not vulgar or innapropriate


If you find a callsign to be questionable, take a screenshot of their information and send it in a private message to @moderators and they will investigate it.


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IT’s because I already did talk to a moderator about this but it came back.


Which email?


I PMed you.


I think we should limit the amount of numbers at 5 in callsigns.


I don’t understand what you are talking about?


Yes I got your message?


You applyed to my Unofficial VA


Just continue in the PM. No need to start getting off topic here :)


Sorry about that, but now back to the callsigns


Annoying callsigns are grounds for being ghosted. Even on Training Server, so don’t use them.


IFATC are subject to ghost people that do not change their inappropriate call sign . We are allowed to ghost them after one warning.


If you come across a callsign that is hateful in nature and/or a violation of our terms of service, please contact a Moderator and we will take action.

However, there is a difference between hateful and annoying callsigns. The obvious are ones that spell out words, discriminatory, racist, etc and then there are the annoying ones. Any number repeated multiple times is annoying.

On the expert server if the callsign warrants it you may be reported or at least asked to change it.

Do we need everyone hunting down people with ############### callsigns and sending them to us? - Not at this time.


My callsign is 8 tho, N-1626OA


Your callsign is fine. It isn’t like N777777777. That is an annoying callsign and most likely done on purpose


He said to shorten the callsign limit to 5, and mines 8 but ok.