Hate the new Spoilers

So, I Just came back to the sim after a two month break, and I’ve noticed a change that I strongly dislike! It’s the way the new spoilers work. I have them armed, yet they are still not deployed unless I touch down.

As an aviation nerd, I used to always test them out after pushback like they do IRL. I used to also put them down right after exiting the runway after landing, which I can’t do now as they’ll go down as soon as I let go of the reverse thrust, totally ruining the fun of landings for me.

This change was completely unnecessary. :(


Even worse, they let off at a certain speed, not when you release thrusters



I think this reply from @RAH (who happens to fly commercial airliners for a living) summarizes this feature quite well:

Apart from manually disarming the spoilers after landing, the spoilers now behave exactly as they would IRL (it wasn’t possible to do this at the time as it added too much complexity but we hope that this is something that can be looked at in future iterations of the spoilers).

I know people may be disappointed with not being able to do things such as ‘flight control checks’ by arming the spoilers, but actually this isn’t something that arming the spoilers was ever meant to do in the first place and is another element that hopefully we can eventually look at and improve.

For v1, this was really about trying to give pilots a much more realistic experience with how autobrakes and spoilers are used IRL. I have closed this feature request as this is already something that we have looked at and if it becomes a possibility, will be added (so you can use your votes on other features).

Infinite Flight 22.2 release topic


I wish if you had autobreaks off then you could manually turn off the spoilers


In real life, even with active autobrakes, they don’t go down until the pilot deliberately puts them down. It’s just a caveat of the current system that many users raised concern for, and, according to this reply by Jason in the 22.2 Thread, a fix for it might be possible for a future update. Whether or not it’s actually possible, and when that would release, we don’t know, since during development, one is often gonna encounter unforeseen technical challenges. All we can do at this stage is to wait patiently.


To add what Seb said “Ground Spoilers” work a bit different from “Roll Spoilers” system. Regarding with 40 knots automatic disarm / retraction spoilers, this was already been address on a previous live stream.

if you want roll spoilers, feel free to vote here:


Refer to quoted/linked posts above regarding current spoilers system. Welcome back!

In addition, and this was shared on the discord subscriber live stage even with Laura, we’re trying to add the manual stowing of ground spoilers back.

Autobrake changed everything about the logic with them. There was a solution implemented in beta for 22.3 that had pilots manually stowing them only if the aircraft’s speed had been greater than a certain speed prior to that.

Unfortunately there are still bugs and it won’t make it into 22.3 but hopefully it’s not insurmountable and we can see it soon.

It was necessary :)