Hate the new Spoilers


I think this reply from @RAH (who happens to fly commercial airliners for a living) summarizes this feature quite well:

Apart from manually disarming the spoilers after landing, the spoilers now behave exactly as they would IRL (it wasn’t possible to do this at the time as it added too much complexity but we hope that this is something that can be looked at in future iterations of the spoilers).

I know people may be disappointed with not being able to do things such as ‘flight control checks’ by arming the spoilers, but actually this isn’t something that arming the spoilers was ever meant to do in the first place and is another element that hopefully we can eventually look at and improve.

For v1, this was really about trying to give pilots a much more realistic experience with how autobrakes and spoilers are used IRL. I have closed this feature request as this is already something that we have looked at and if it becomes a possibility, will be added (so you can use your votes on other features).

Infinite Flight 22.2 release topic