Hasty violation applications 🀷🏻

TFR, Aspen Pitkin. Taxi to runway entrance for 15. Hold short. Staff Member taking off 33. Realise I am at wrong end. Intend to turn and head up for 33. Flying Embraer 175 very similar in size to CRJ 900. Staff Member takes off then WHAP violation. Why is it you are so quick to slap a violation on? Come on people give us a break was aware of the NOTAM, memory lapse.

Taking off Oban Scotland bound for Colonsay, air speed warning comes on. Immediately disengaged Auto pilot and went nose up to reduce airspeed WHAP violation, aerobatics near Airport. Very little or no time to reduce climb. I am in total agreement regarding rules but why are we so quick to penalise. Really reduces the amount of pleasure I derive from one of my favourite pastimes. Must really irritate newbies.

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Hello. Do you happen to remember the name of the staff member? You should be able to see it in your logbook.

Put this in @appeals

Regarding the first issue you should bring it up with the ATC. You deserve a warning before that type of violation.
As for the second, it’s automatic. There is ample warning given before the system starts slapping violations.

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There’s no need for that since there wasn’t any ATC active mentioned above.
Look through your logbook and check for the staff member who reported you and contact them via a pm, then discuss with them about your report.

Hmm, I feel you, but Sadly it’s like that. In my opinion, you have enough time to recover from your warning.


yes it was Micha Camp. She possibly thought I was going to take off on 15, as I had intended too but her taking off at 33 reminded me of NOTAM

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Andrew Gordon Beveridge

@ MishaCamp is your guy. You can PM him for more info as to why you were reported and how to possibly get it appealed.


Message @ appeals for any reversal requests.