Has this happened to you (autopilot issue)

I was just on expert and without even touching my iPad my autopilot disengaged causing me to stalk and crash (I wasn’t at a too low speed or a too high bank)

You run out of fuel?
It never happened to me without any reason.

Well, it happened to me once when I was to heavy, and the aircraft tipped backwards. Also, if you are asking the question, and not seeking support, please change this to #general

Enough fuel because I tried auto land earlier and it said my aircraft was over weight also there were no warnings about fuel

Enough fuel because you weren’t overweight? I don’t get it

I was overweight

Autocorrect is killing me today

But then it depends on how long you flew?

Yes, if you are overweight, you should step climb in order to conserve fuel, and not stall out.

It was right before landing

Well then, you where probably descending to fast at too low of a speed.

Yes, I have been having this weird issue too! especially during final, when the aircraft banks sharply to the left causing me to do a go-around (which I hate doing)


What was your

  • Speed
  • Decent rate
  • Weather Conditions ( if u can recall)
  • Amount of Fuel Remianing

Can’t really give u an answer right now. Just because u were overweight doesn’t mean we can easily infer that was the reason. That shouldn’t simply cause u to stall. Need more info to find the cause. I recently had a similar case where all the conditions were normal and I find my flight to have crashed maybe due to AP disengagement.

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