Has this always been there in the A330 cockpit?

Today when I was flying the A330 neo I noticed something that didn’t look “normal”. On top of the landing gear “indicator lights” (don’t know the official name but you know what I’m talking about) there is a white strip, I don’t think it’s been there before 22.1, someone please let me know if it’s been changed in 22.1 or if it’s been there for a long time and I’m just dumb😅

That looks to be a graphics glitch where the flap speed limit and registration plates are attached in the cockpit. I haven’t seen this but I am not able to reproduce it.


Happened to me on the 757 as well, haven’t seen it on the A330 yet

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Found another white “patch”

It doesn’t seem to me that that’s a bug, just a part of the seat. I can see it also while having no issue like the “graphic bug” photo you opened this topic with whilst using Captain and FO camera in the A330 cockpit.

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Quick update on the bug, some people have said that they have not been able to reproduce this and when I went searching on why this happened to me, it looks like it’s a problem with the A330-900 airbus livery and not with any other livery.

Could you send over your graphics setting?

You can do this by going to Settings → Graphics

The first 3 options are high, anti aliasing off and 60 fps.

Cool. Let me apply those to my app and see if I can reproduce it there. One sec!

Is the white patch here on the arm rest there?

The white patch is both on the arm rest and on top of the gear indicator lights.

Cool. I’m able to repo the patch on the arm rest (not sure what’s supposed to be there from IRL photos). But, for the flap speeds above the landing gear, I’m unable to repo given your settings.

If you have time, play around with your graphics settings and maybe see if the issue goes away?

I’ll do that but I’m positive it not an issue from my side because the white patch on top of the gear indicator lights isn’t there on other liveries, just the A339 airbus livery.

Ooh, Airbus livery. Well then yes, I can repo with your settings for both.

No, that’s supposed to be there… Its just part of the seat as @Jelmer_de_Vries1 said.

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Hello, thank you for the report, this has been passed onto the right people, hopefully a fix can be found in the near future.
Again thanks for the report

Hope you have a great day !!



That is part of the arm rest and is not an issue