Has there ever been a holding pattern in Live?

Has there ever been an Airport in live that has had at least one holding aircraft? In real life, let’s say there is bad winds that are dangerous to the A/C, or dense fog (like in live), those aircraft are usually told to hold until the airport reopens. Has there ever been a holding pattern in live with multiple aircraft waiting to land?

no, I’ve never seen that

that’s what the 'make 360 for spacing" is used for by ATC, so had to do once or twice. Often APR will give you some long vectors instead, Next update will include full hold information!

I got a 360 spacing once, I pretty much did a full circle before getting clearance to land.

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If this counts


Well holding patterns are coming in he next update so expect those a lot on advanced


Is that in Live? If so, that is indeed an Aircraft holding.

Yeah did that for fun to wait for a friend

oh, was he behind, or were you just waiting for him to join you for something?

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