Has there been scrapped liveries or aircraft?

Have there ever been an aircraft or livery that was taken out of the game, or just tested, or just not even got past the planning stage? I remember something about Concorde but it was regected for bad quality.

There used to be a space shuttle in the game. They removed it a long time ago.


US Airways A321 existed before the A320 rework, but then it was removed.


Doesn’t really count but the KLM 777-200 disappeared before reappearing earlier in the year.
EDIT: Also the 747-400 house colors which disappeared after the 747 rework


747 Boeing house livery, Space Shuttle, US Air A321, there was an error or something with a KLm, can’t rember what aircraft, trip I think, I believe there was one or two with the 737 but I can’t rember, there’ve been a few, most during reworks…

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The 747 Boeing house sounded cool. Was it the old Boeing livery or the new one?

We’ve had the Southwest Shamu 737 in the game files for years but it hasn’t been available to us until very recently.


I wonder if there has ever been one that never got past planning stage or was never added in general.

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