Has the IFC changed your life?

Hello! I Hope you‘re all doing well. The IFC is one of the places that I love the most. Compared to many of you, I’ve been here for a short time. In spite of that, my life changed. My self-esteem went up rapidly. I’ve become more self-confident. Overall I feel safe here, with you, who share the same interest for IF. I’m happier than ever, that’s how IFC has changed my life!

It is now your turn!

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I’ve made so many new friends here…so obviously, my answer is yes.

In fact, I may be meeting @ItsBlitz today 👀


Definitely, this actually got me knowledge in aviation instead of me just saying random stuff about aviation.


Damn I wasn’t invited.

Anyways, I can agree with you! The ifc has been a place I can enjoy with others that enjoy the same passion I do. The community aspect and being able to help others while I learn makes it a place I love.


I wouldn’t say that the IFC changed my life much, but I was able to meet a lot of new friends and people with similar interests. It’s a great community that is very welcoming as well, which I find very cool.


It has made my life a lot more busy, but a lot more fun. This community is amazing and it’s something like no other!


IF sparked my passion for Aviation, and Im super Happy with that, I found something I like doing anytime, flying in IF, viewing Aviation videos on YT, Im thinking in Aviation all day, and IF is just a Game on a device, for me means a lot more. In the IFC I have been around a lot of people that share the same interest and I always remember that


How has the IFC changed my life?



I live in Barcelona, and I find this funny

For me I’d say the IFC has changed me a lot. It’s definitely made me learn about being sensible online, when I first came here I was new to social media and the online community world. I did some random stuff that I regret and earnt myself like 3-4 official warnings and a suspension for 24 hours which made me into the happy and nice person I am today, always looking for ways I can improve myself.

I’ve built up friendships with absolutely tons of people here that I chat daily with (and hope to meet when this is all over depending on where they are… cough UK meetup Summer 2021 🥺🤭). Discord voice chats with locals such as Tsumia and Liam Kirk aren’t enough lol.

Also getting to know people globally, such as Thunderbolt, Suhas, Pingu, RTG113 (aka Rocco) and Leah. Not to forgot many many others that are as good and are really nice people. Just getting to know others lives across the world is cool, and being able to talk to someone about my passion where irl no one shares my interest locally.

To say that I’ve spent over 1,400 hours purely on this forum I wouldn’t say embarrasses me, nor would I call it an achievement. I’m here because I enjoy being here, and enjoy being with the people here.


You missed that :(

What a shame

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before I came into the IFC I was just a teen who was starting to get back into aviation, when I joined I knew no one and no one knew me, I had no real good knowledge about aviation and had no clue what I was doing. fast forward about 6 months later and I have achieved so much, I know a bunch of people a few I can call my friends, I know so much more about aviation than I used to, I somehow became a CEO of a VA, im always making events or something like that, and i have been on here everyday since I joined. so to answer yes 110% it changed me completely. thanks IFC!


The IFC hasn’t changed my life, my life has changed the IFC

Mic Drop


It has made no effect on my life, be it day-to-day, or overall.

It is just a forum for a game on your phone…I am seriously concerned for you if the IFC plays a big enough role in your life that it fundamentally changes it.


I disagree with that in terms of needing to be concerned for people. During a time of covid where I’m off to college and haven’t met a ton of people, my friends I’ve met from IFATC have honestly kept me sane. I’ve had a great bond with them and I have been able to meet their friends through the IFC. It’s a never ending cycle for me. No need to be concerned about me either


There are some people that like the community, but that doesn’t mean that they are glued to their phone. You mentioned it, it is a community.

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I’ve met some amazing people here, such as @Delta . It has also given me more knowledge about aviation and has increased my interest in aviation, so yeah I’d say it changed my life a bit.


Thank you. It’s been awesome knowing you too

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Where can I start? This community is incredibly fun and informative. I am beyond appreciative of every single member in the community, regardless of whether we see eye to eye or have different perspectives. On a personal note I’ve had serious bouts with depression and anxiety in the past and been part of this community has definitely helped me improve myself.(as well as with therapy).

Besides teaching me the complete definition of addiction? At 24,460hrs 25mn of flight time and counting! 🤣 I love that I’m not the only one with this problem