Has the Boeing 787-10 been released IRL?

I just want to know. I’ve google searched it but I couldn’t determine my answer. Thanks!😄

(This is IRL not IF)

Nope, not yet.

Coming soon👀

It’s currently in major assembly and production and is expected to have its first flight in 2017.


Why is it in IF then if it is still technically a future plane. Why did they add the -10 and not the -3


So the devs won’t have people asking them to add the -10 version in 2017.

What about the -3 is that not coming at any point

Because the -3 never got past the theory stage. The -10 will come out in a couple of years. FDS said that they wanted to include it so they wouldn’t have to go back and add it in a few years.


The -3 didn’t receive a lot of attention, so Boeing decided to drop the idea.

Ok. Thanks

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