Has the 787 lost its lit up windows?

Hey IFC, I was wondering if it was just me or if the 787 lost its lighted window textures which illuminated at night. It seems like at some point this feature was removed but I’d like to make sure that’s the case. Here’s a photo showing what I mean:

As you can see, the windows don’t light up as they used to, which is a shame since it reminds me of the pre-global days. What are your thoughts on this? Have other people noticed this too, and is it the same case for other aircraft such as the A321?

It’s just because the 787s model is absolute garbage, Even the MD-11 has a better flight model.
If you would like, you can vote for a 787 remake here:


That’s a bit harsh.
It’s an earlier model, which was created with what was possible at that tame.


The truth is it flies well if you know how to fly it.


Goodness take it easy 😭

I mean it’s true, you literally get better fuel efficiency with flaps down during cruise. Plane needs a remake is all.


i mean i get it but i still be doing transatlantic flight with. It needs a rework, and it has my vote for it, but at least we have a 787. At some point we will get a rework

787 desperately needs a full rework…

Anyways about the topic it’s working for me

I know how to fly it, and when it does fly good, it’s a great (maybe one of my favorite) planes to fly.

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