Has the 773 been reworked?

Just a quick question, has the 773 been reworked? I’ve heard things about a certain aircraft being reworked.


The 777 family’s flight physics have been reworked, and some new liveries were added. :)

And they added the 777LR.

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The 777 family and the Cesna Citation X has new physics. :-)

The 773 does not exist in IF.

Dont forget autoland

Yes it does:

Then you talking about the 77W

Okay, thanks everyone!

773 is short for 777-300.

So, the liveries that were there before still exist? Same with the 777-200ER and the 77F?

What liveries are new @FlyFi

On the 77W?

Philippines Airlines, Virgin Australia, ANZ white fern… (Just to name a few.)

You mean Virgin Australia right

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In game it’s a 777-300ER

Yay. Hip hop hooray Virgin Australia

Virgin Atlantic do not operate the 777-300ER.

I think thats what he meant :P


Wait I thought 773 is short for 777 300 ER? And I don’t think a standard 777 300 exist.

I could be wrong though