Has sully flown a boat plane

I was just wondering if sully ever flew a boat plane or is flying one right now don’t you think that it might be happening after the Hudson miracle
It’s just a thought that came to my mind and in all respect

This is not Infinite Flight related


Is that better

i’m not sure if he has. probably no because of how traumatic flight 1549 was for him and first officer skiles

True and I did

thank you for putting it in #real-world-aviation

This is kind of stupid. he was traumatized, it’s a bit disrespectful


I said I all respect I’m not trying to be disrespectful it’s just a thought and when I was 8 I told my class about it for show and tell and showed them on a white board how he did it I was obsessed with sully as in how he did it

OK, but it’s probably no with all seriousness, and if it was yes, none of us would know

True that it would be personal to him

Do you mean a seaplane. If you do I really don’t know if he did.