Has overspeed warning been scrapped?

I’m flying on the causal server which I pretty much always do now to shorten flight times but I’ve noticed no overspeed warning. Is this a recent change? I’m kinda glad, it gets annoying after a while

There are no violations on casual.
What aircraft are you flying in?


Depends what aircraft, because fighters don’t get overspeed warning,

Where’s the fire? 😂

I still used to get over speed warning even on the causal server.

Flying the 787-10 these days. Currently enroute to miami at 1175kts ground speed

I’ve found the 787 to be the fastest commercial plane of them all

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1175 knots?
You might need to check out some #tutorials and I don’t think they removed the warning.


Do you have warnings (overspeed, stall, etc) turned on in your settings?

I’m flying at that speed deliberately. That’s why I’m on casual. It poses no problems, the plane flies just fine. It’s really just to shorten flight times.

Wish they would introduce Concorde.

Still not getting over speed mind you

I don’t see an option in settings to turn them on or off?

Interesting. I just tried on Casual with the 787-10 and I’m getting them. The speed indicator doesn’t show the red markers either?


I’m getting no warning at all but i just noticed that I’m not connecting to the “live” server for some reason (little red exclamation mark at top right" although I’m connected to global etc

I’m sure that hasn’t made any difference to warnings before but i guess it could be that?

I am getting the red markers mind you!

Are you sure you don’t have your volume off?


Sounds like you have sound off, and “Helper messages” off.


Sound is definitely on. Usually you get a text warning too but not getting that either. I’ll check settings again

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Helper messages are on.

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I thought I was the only one who did this to save time. A333 for me

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I think you can remove it in settings.

What’s the top ground speed on that plane? The 787 can do around 1200kts before it starts to become unstable

You would be en route to the ground followed by the shattered remains of your fuselage.