Has it been 3 Years?

Hello everyone,

First off, it’s been 3 years since I’ve been on here? I had been playing IF since the Roman Republic but quit when my tablet died around 2019 (RIP LG). Flash forward to today or maybe last week when I got my old Google profile transferred to my new iPad Pro and wow!

Thank you SO MUCH Sebastian for manually porting over my old Google Account to Apple

First, I just forgot about the upgrades wanted and talked about and just like cancelling EPIX until the last Pennyworth episode dropped to get a new deal, they were there.

I’m having to learn some new stuff while trying to remember the old stuff and now fly with a 13 inch iPad with all the little buttons small and at the bottom…so much for muscle memory lol

Anyway, great job on the 3D stuff and flight planning stuff; I still can’t land without the HUD.

I finally got my landings and hours to get back on the “expert” server but my girlfriend. Came home with beers and I’m not a Southwest pilot; so no flying tonight without a shot.

Joking, but hope to see more cool stuff limited to a Mobile device ……. I can’t play DCS on my PC or MS Sim either

Oh, any news on an E175/E190 or C-17 update?


Hi Bruce welcome back! Infinite flight has definitely changed over the last few years as you’ve noticed. There’s a lot to learn but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to learn. Below I linked you the pilot user guide which goes into detail about all features from your side of being a pilot in game. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Congrats on the iPad also. Huge game changer!

Love your profile picture btw

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Thanks …. I’ve already found myself watching the tutorials again …… now I just have to review the mins/maxs of my old favorite aircraft …… I like the new A220 but will need a couple few hours just to get oriented and will have to go back and refresh old aircraft …… I’ve been sticking mostly with GA to get re familiar with the game …. Not about to just jump into an A350

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What’s your favourite update since you left and were the most excited to play when you returned?

Another question I wanted to ask. I noticed discord was added, I’ve heard about it … does it help in live flight?

Don’t think so…

The A220 and new flight planning with respect to departures/arrivals and approaches and setting VNAV. I would like to see IF fully importable of SimBrief without copy/paste oh and love 3D

Here’s a name I haven’t seen in ages. Welcome back Bruce!


@DeerCrusher thanks! Didn’t you run over a deer on final in RL?

Regarding Discord? I was hoping it meant talking live to controllers or a type of Unicom

He did!

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The only real thing about this game that makes me sad as retired USAF CP controller (a civilian equivalent is an airline dispatcher or working for a company like Signature) is not being on a flight line like pulling flight plans, crew briefs, coordinating parking spots, services, pax handling fleet service etc. On the other hand lol …… disabled now, lost some hearing because of lots of tactical aircraft nearby though C-9s had the worst high pitch squeals when 90 degrees of nose. One of my jobs was next to an old MEDIVAC unit.

Another cool thing at Nellis I went to was the Thunderbirds Ramp …… the cleanest aircraft and maintenance hangers …. You could lick Thunderbird hanger floors

Speaking of “DEERS” anyone else in the military of retired veterans seen the waiting list to update dependents or get a new ID?


One thing I’ve been wondering after coming back years later is why no night cabin lights on new introduced/refreashed/upgraded aircraft? I love the exterior cabin lights on night flights?

On a side note, I noticed a weird black splotchy spots at night with my new 2021 iPad Pro

Thanks … aside from not being able to replace my tablet until now been busy doing my acting stuff

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