Has IF Global encouraged you to quit desktop simulation altogether?

Just a question I’ve been wondering. Especially since my sim laptop runs smoothly maybe 20% of the time at most, lol. Sometimes it doesn’t start, sometimes FS2004 doesn’t start, sometimes it crashes (Win7, no wonder)… Infinite Flight just runs so much more smoothly on my iPad. Certainly has me considering it, but I can’t give up my CRJs and ERJs: I’m a regional guy!


I think they both serve different needs. Desktop simming has its pros and cons. Although you get a much higher level of detail and immersion, the multiplayer aspect and high traffic volumes of IF are what brings people back even though it’s details are nowhere near desktop sim capable. People go to desktops on the other hand when they want real world systems simulations like the FMC, Vatsim, working cockpit instruments and switches, modifiable aircraft and scenery etc.


In all honesty, it has, especially because I now have a second device I can fly on. Our computer is quite slow, and barely runs FSX. However, Global has brought a detailed world to a device that is portable and can smoothly run it.


As @Mubashir said the key difference between PC Sims and IF is that IF has a much higher volume of online traffic on their servers. I’ve never played a PC Sim but from what I’ve seen through YT vids.

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In your case your laptop isn’t working correctly and so it isn’t enjoyable to do flight simulation, so obviously if you have a good phone you will enjoy more IF than FS2004. In my case I have a nice computer that works perfectly for flight sims like X-Plane or fsx. I do enjoy them more than IF as it has some features a phone sim isn’t capable of handling.

I do have to admit that I don’t use IF or do flight sim on my laptop because I am really busy and have other things to do than always fly.


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I know this is kinda off topic, but, I believe that IF will actually keep me from ever getting into a desktop simulator.

-It’s easier to have the IPad run rather then the computer
-My IPad is just as powerful as my computer
-The graphics are better
-More aircraft with real liveries
-Don’t need external equipment (joystick, throttle, etc)
-Easier to connect with friends
-Easier to get basic hang of it, can slowly progress into more advance and realistic flights

I do have Flight Simulator X, and simply, I just enjoy IF more. To put it in perspective, I’ve had both for the same amount of time, I have 600 hours in IF, 23 minutes in FSX.


Am I a bad person for wanting such things for IF? Lol. I don’t expect anything, I’m very thankful for all that they’ve done and anything they plan to do, but such a sim for iPad would truly be amazing. Maybe in a decade, we’ll be there! But yeah, I’m a realism guy. Would stick to both depending on my mood and time constraints. But my laptop is just getting to the point of me wanting to toss it as I’m so annoyed with it, so idk, might make the switch sometime soon.

Vatsim. Another one of my high expectations for IF?


My laptop never runs correctly, then, lol

X-Plane 11 is maybe the only comparable sim to IF right now. But then again, there are many things that IF still has to work on to be at that level. But with regards to lighting… man.

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It’s nice and relieving to know that my 2014 Mac with an i5 core isn’t the only desktop that doesn’t run X-plane 10 with addons at a reasonable FPS… I can’t even start it without crashing the computer most of the time…

It’s amazing people pay for this stuff. I just bought an addon over the weekend. Fortunately was cheap in the first place, plus half off for Black Friday… but still. I’ve done one flight of an hour in length in some 6-8 hours of free time I was spending trying to fix the laptop…

I was never a desktop simmer to begin with, so I did not quit desktop simming ;) Infinite Flight is great for my needs. The flights rarely take more than 20 minutes to set up and it gives me the satisfaction of flying without spending a fortune on a fast PC, as well as all of the add-ons that are needed for a good desk top simming experience. And although the IF graphics are no where near the graphics of the desktop sims, it comfortably holds its own in the mobile flight simming market.


X-Plane is very nice, my main deterrent from desktops sims are my computer(s), and a few other main things.

I currently have a old tower that runs Vista (so you can imagaine how poorly that runs) along with a laptop that may or may not have a virus due to a friend thinking it’s okay to go on the deep web before I had finished install security…

And also the need for add-ons. FSX it’s really annoying tryin to Fly with the mouse and arrow keys. It’s necessary to have a yoke or joystick, which I don’t have the money for one.

Also all the keybinds. Oh my lord the keybinds. I have a hard enough time remembering what button is crouch when I play Xbox, so you can make a pretty good guess on how I feel about the number of keybinds there are.

For me IF is just a simpler, more enjoyable platform to explore the world with.


I think everyone wants such unprecedented level of realism for IF. IF is a sim people not only use but something that people have grown to love. Look at the dedication of our IFATC personnel for example. Imagine one day you open up IF and expect PC xplane 11 style simulation on your iPad. Hope it’s quicker than a decade lol.


One day! Hopefully one day soon!

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Yes I love the compatibility and ease of carrying my iPads as it makes it so much easier and convenient. IF has set the bar now and pioneered the first global platform for mobile or tablets . Very happy with the outcome as it continues to blossom

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IF has made me want to get a PC sim in the future. There’s so much more you can get out of it graphically, realism wise etc…

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It has immensely. I was playing on Xplane11 on my MacBook Pro ( I know not the best device to be playing a flight sim on) but it ran smoothly and allowed me to enjoy more immersion.
However when Global came out I immediately dropped Xplane 11 and came back to IF.

Try X plane or fsx IF is great though for long range flight