Has Delta leaked Aerolíneas Argentinas’s new long haul?

So I am planning a trip to Argentina later this year and booked an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight on Delta’s website. My flight would be MSP-JFK on Delta and then JFK-EZE on Aerolíneas. Usually, Aerolíneas uses the A330-200 on that’s route, however, after booking the flight, I realised that the aircraft listed was not an A330-200, but rather the A330-900neo.

This could just be an error that Delta made, however, Aerolíneas has been looking for a new long haul to replace their old A330s and A340s and the A330-900neo fits the bill.

Although this is probably a mistake, i would love to see Aerolíneas use the neo for the flight that I’m taking.

What are your thoughts?


my thoughts are: Look at that flight on flightradar24 and see what aircraft it is!

It is an A330-200 as of now…

This could very well be a leaked ordering of the A330-900NEO for Aerolíneas Argentinas, or an error as Delta has ordered the A330-900NEO, and they are streamlining their ticket booking page to all routes soon to be operated by NEO’s. Nobody knows as of now. 😁


You aren’t the only one to think that, but this one is Delta’s and not Aerlíneas Argentina’s.

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I can’t yet, my flight is too far away

Aerolineas Argentinas haven’t ordered any A339s (at least not publicly) and even if they did, they’d take years to be delivered so unfortunately I’m pretty sure this is an error. Unless the flight is operated by Delta despite the fact that flight is operated by Aerolineas Argentinas.

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Sorry. I could’ve swore that I posted this in my upper reply:

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