Has been almost 10 years and they still cant get this game to not crash

astonished I close the app to respond to a text and i reopen and its crashed. Amazing developers can you guys get the game to not crash? Moderator will block this instead of serving customer they only worry about saving their self image then blame the limitations of a phone. its 2021 a game shoud not crash like this constantly this is a known problem and they stilll cant solve.

The game crashing after you text someone is not an issue with the game, that’s happened to me before and it’s because your device cannot handle both at once so it decides to close Infinite Flight so you can text, so when you reopen Infinite Flight, the app has to restart


lmao its an iphone 12 I dont think its the problem

This is not a problem with Infinite Flight - this is a thing with the operating systems of devices where if where it closes background apps that are using too much memory.

The devs can’t do anything about it unfortunately. That’s up to Apple/Samsung/Google if they want to improve it.


As @NoahM said, it is not a problem with IF. I had a Samsung some years ago and now I have a Iphone XR, this has happened with both of them.


Yea. That was a bad idea to answer the text if it wasnt urgent. You could have called from the house phone if you had.


Instead of just blowing off what your community members have said, maybe you should consider their advice. It seems to me like you’re just trying to ridicule the game and its developers without listening to anybody, which isn’t fair.

Just as @TheGynSpotter, I also used to have a Samsung. I now have an IPhone. It is an issue with either device, as was explained above initially by @NoahM.


It is not about the model of your device and its better force on loading IF, it is about a thing that is common for every device, of any manufacturer. And more, this doesn’t just happen with Infinite Flight, but with all mobile simulators/games.


I think it’s important to note that it’s not the same issue that has persisted for a decade. Every infinite flight, iOS, and background services update brings the potential for new issues. As does any new hardware from device manufacturers. Many crashes have been fixed, many have come up. Bugs and app crashes are a never ending cat and mouse game.


In addition to what others have said, it’s misleading to lay it on the IF developers assuming it’s their fault when it’s not within their control to fix an app that automatically close when using another app.
It’s all down to the design of the operating systems
& manufacturers that make & create devices and rightly so pointed out its not solely IF issue, it’s an issue for many developers of the gaming industry.
Hopefully in future this can be resolved one way or another but since you’ve not seen much progress, it might be an issue for a while yet.
Unfortunately it’s how it is right now.


Crashes can happen for a number of reasons. Some are due to the app, some are not. Hardware and software are not perfect.

Please feel free to use the #support category to report persistent crash issues using the template provided. You can also email support@infiniteflight.com and we will assist you there.