Has Aviations Greatest Mystery MH370 Been Solved?

Credits to @Luke who showed me this.
Man Thinks He's Found Missing Flight MH370 Which On Google Earth - LADbible

What do you think about this? This satelite image was taken a day after it disappeared, so this is quite plausible. You can quite clearly see air bubbles rising up, it also has the same shape as an a commercial airliner. There is distinct wings and empennage that are easily identifiable.


Yeah. There’s a few more stories around it, just in case people would like to get more information:


I find it kind of hard to believe though. Remember these aren’t always reliable sources.


The fact that they have said this shows ‘bullet holes’ demonstrates how unprofessional and shoddy the Daily Star (and similar) are. Pathetic journalism.


I’m pretty sure that image was debunked ages ago, there is a mass chance I’m wrong though

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What are the chances that google would be taking a picture right as the airplane went under water??
Astronomical is the answer.

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What if those were the air bubbles rising from the plane.

Hmmm. This will be very interesting…I will expect to see it on the news in the following days

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I hope this is looked into. From what I read, it seemed plausible that that is indeed the plane.

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The water is probably really shallow right there.


Imagine if it is it all that millions of money into searching for nothing.

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To me they look like bubbles, slowly emerging from the wreckage under the water.

I feel like the bubbles would be more spaced out and bigger (it’s sorta hard to explain what I mean)

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Wow. If that is indeed the missing aircraft (which it could be), it would be a HUGE discovery.

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Looking at the pictures, it is plausible that it’s MH370.


Shallow? As in 3.6km shallow?


In my books that is pretty shallow water

If that picture was taken back in 2014, would the plane possibly still be sitting down there? Who knows what kind of damage has been done to the plane since then to now.

He has over 25 years of experience with crash investigations.

Well still google maps is way cheaper than under water drones, that was not in the article I read I supposed so sorry about that…

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Unless it hit a reef