Has ATC forgotten me?

Weird, I have controlled busy airports before, and I have forgotten about aircraft I have holding short, normally I get the next request and the coast is clear, so they can cross the runway. It differently intrigues me, but if the coast wasn’t clear, e.g., aircraft taking off, aircraft on short final, I would simply tell you to either
1:hold short, or
2: hold position
I would almost never warn a aircraft who I potentially forgot about.

@azeeuwnl its a dilemma and a nice debate. if i say check in, the ATC may say please don’t send duplicate messages. Ghosting is definatly a concern as I LOVE FLING ON EXPERT. Moreover, I understand that ATC can be busy and I don’t want to add too much to that. However, I still want to be able to get to the ground.

From my point of view if I have forgotten to clear someone for something and they send a second message I will send an I’m sorry and then clear them. It does happen when it gets busy.

If I haven’t forgotten then an avoid sending duplicates gets sent but there is no risk of ghosting for this as long as you are not spamming the frequency every twenty seconds. If it’s busy and the situation looks like you may have been forgotten a gentle reminder is useful and then you’ll find out either way. Just don’t do it multiple times

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Thank you all for helping me. I think i have found a good solution. Special thanks to @CaptainAaron @azeeuwnl @Clouds and @Tim_B. Really appreciate. Can close now! Good day!