Has ATC Disabled for update?

Hi sorry if I’ve missed it but has ATC controlling been disabled for the update it won’t allow me to control any tower etc on any airport? Using training server

Please put this in #support

Known issue. Please look here!


The servers are still adjusting to the high load of users. Some controllers are experiencing this on the Expert Server as well. It is in part with Error 8. Please allow some time for this to be fixed. Thanks!

It might not work with the current account connectivity issues. It might not recognize your PRO. This is currently being fixed

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Obviously a known issue, thanks for the reply!

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Atc was working for me earlier but now it won’t let me do anything

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We’ll be back open when possible, many of us have account issues. :)

Like said earlier, it’s a known issue and is being looked into. Nothing you can do about it.

It is currently being looked into. No need for “I get this too” replies.

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