Has approach forgot me?

I’ve been vectored 60 miles from the airport and planes behind me are landing and I’m still traveling opposite direction, I’ve tried checking in a few times with no response

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I’ve had to turn myself round back to airport to try and get noticed 😂

Just check in again, that’s works for me

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Been checking in for last 10 minutes

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Bruh that sucks, then I would just divert


Try to contact the controller on the forum, maybe?

Yeah I have

maybe you aren’t showing up for them

a few years back ATC wasn’t seeing my messages, so maybe something similar has happened to you. We were able to confirm that they weren’t seeing my messages, through the VA chat

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This is likely due to the copious amount of traffic at KLAS. The controller will be doing their best to ensure you arrive, but a delay is expected due to the amount of traffic. You’ll just have to be patient while they wait to get you in. If not, you can opt to divert to an airport like mentioned above. Waiting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but sometimes you just have to do it!

Enjoy your landing!


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I think they meant they weren’t in a holding pattern, like at all they were just flying away from Vegas.

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These are likely delay vectors. They are common when in a busy airspace, it gives the airspace some time to recover or reduce in size.


happned to me was very annoying at the time @ThomasThePro was ATC for me.

Well yeah I guess.

No need to call them out, just send him a PM.


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