Has anyone seen or heard of Istanbul’s New Airport (iGA)? What are your thoughts?

Earlier this summer I was able to see it twice, like actually going in the airport, and my gosh it was massive. The Turkish government is planning to increase the number of passenger capacity to almost 150 million by the next decade. And it’s already one of the most modern airports in Europe today. What are your thoughts and do you have plans to visit Istanbul by air? By the way, I’m kinda wondering how good Turkish Airlines has been doing since I haven’t flown with them in 6 years or so. :)

Well, I don’t know if that is a good new or bad news. But they are going to sell stake.


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I went to the airport in July. It is massive, but not a lot of shops or bars or even lounges.

I’m going to the airport again, most likely end of June. Should be more populated by then.

They’re great! Of course, some of the In-flight entertainment systems were hardly usable, but in old aircraft used for short-hauls. The food most of the time is good, but sometimes it’s not perfect. Edible though :)

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