Has anyone noticed the floating nose wheel on the Cessna Citation X?

I am a lover of the Citation and one day while taxiing I noticed the nose wheel was floating a little bit. I didn’t think much of it, so I just restarted my game and checked again. Sure enough it was still there! I played with it for many more days with it staying the same. Does anybody else notice this problem?


Picture please :)



That’s Weird…

Does it happen to you?

I believe it’s because there’re no shadows for the gear

Yup! Just like the Space Shuttle had.
I believe there’s another aircraft that has that as well. The 767?? Not sure though.

Yes, the 767

Come to mention it, I have actually seen it before a while ago. Just haven’t flown with that aircraft in a while.

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This topic freaked me out :D


No, I haven’t even purchased the Citation X :P

This may be because it is one of the older aircraft and may not be up to standard of the newer aircraft

Apparently this is happening on the A320 now!

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