Has anyone made an RC Plane?

first of all, sorry for the inconvenience since I just have no idea where to ask for this. I have a personal project in my school which I have to make a product or do some report. after a few days thinking, I decided to make an RC Electric plane which I have no experience about how to make it at all. I need to know about the motor I have to use and where is the best place to buy it, my plane will weight about less than 800 gram. I also need what remote control should I use and where to buy it. I just need to lift it off the ground, turning it around then hopefully be able to land it. thank you very much, I really need to know about it :)


You should also add how much time you have before the presentation.

I still have about 3 or 4 months I believe.

Check out these links. I used to make static scale models, so I can´t do much. But you can make a great RC plane in 3 months!

if i buy a new rc plane, it cost me about AUD150. thats the cheapest i believe. i saw AUD22 motor and AUD30 remote control

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how much will it be?

i actually just want it really simple

the simpler it is, the better for me. lol

styrofoam will be lighter, though. but i still can put some light on so i can play it at night

the motor, the remote control and the receiver are the most important thing, though. i can build the body