Has anyone landed at Pyongyang’s airport?

Now, I know this is just on Infinite Flight, but I really am curious to see who landed in Pyongyang on Infinite Flight and how hard is it to land there. I’m not sure how big the runways are or even how the terrain looks like, so yeah it’d be nice to know before trying!

I would try it out one day: San Francisco to Pyongyang, using a Dreamliner 787-9 would be cool!


In game, it won’t change anything. That is one airport on the earth. But if you talk about politics, this forum and IF are not parts of politics.

My intention was never to do that. Calm down.

Same could be said about Area 51 ?

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You’ll probably be shot down…

Nah jk

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I think it should be an automatic ghost to simulate the fact that if you land there. You’re not coming back.


By an AA gun haha🙀

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Well excuse me. You don’t impress ;)

@Swiss did a video on this

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Kim got you, and will never bring you back home…

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I did see that: I liked it!

That was a while ago back when he played infinite Flight like every day now things have changed imo

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Why are you getting so personal about this? I just thought I would ask…

I do apologise for refusing to pay any attention to a political discussion that seems to have started, for some reason unknown to me.

Gosh, interesting. I don’t even know what the ICAO code is…

Are there specific terrain challenges that would make it hard to land there?

North Korea is a very sensitive topic to talk about. While I may not be a moderator, I’m strongly against this because everyone has their views on this country. Which is totally fine. However, disagreements happen very easily, and racist/rude jokes can happen. This has been proved by the first couple of posts.

@Ondrej has a point here.

I have landed there, in fact two times. Normal airport like every other.


Just putting it to the point it’s exactly the same as any other airport would be, it’s not different. 🙂


I think you need to take a break, guys.

The OP has never mentioned anything about politics, he was just wondering if there are any challenges when landing at Pyongyang. As a matter of fact, he even stated that his thread was never intended to be political.

Just because a country where there is conflict has been brought up, does not mean that the intention of the OP was to talk about politics (or that you should bring up politics…). There is no need to bring up political discussions when discussing a simple matter of if an airport is challenging to land at.


Do I have to repeat myself? I said I’m not trying to bring politics up. Just because someone wanted to talk about it, it shouldn’t make people think that I’m the one promoting politics.


Well said. I have no bad intentions here.


Voyager I never talked about Kim. Seriously you’re smarter than that. No offense at all, but players like you are the reason why I have to deal with the moderators. You’re good, just know that I didn’t like this comment.