Has anyone flown with United?

My upcoming flight

On the 4th, July i will be flying out of London Heathrow to san francisco with a two hour stop over in chicago.
This will be my first time flying with an american airline, as well as my first time flying alone.
As i am 17, i would like to know what to expect and would love if some people who have flown with united could share their experiences. Last time I flew was back in 2017, from the UK to Dubai with Emirates.

Here is details of my flights:
Flights to SFO
Returning flight back to London

Oh and it will be my first time flying on a regional 1 hour 30m flight.


United can be hit or miss. I’ve had many good experiences but I’ve had one or two bad experiences. Don’t expect much on the domestic flight food wise they have snack boxes which are good but cost money. You get a complimentary drink and a free snack


I would have loved to pick a different airline, however United offered this flight which was in my budget.


I haven’t had a bad experience with United yet, we’ve flown them for ~7 years now
My dad almost always uses United for Business flights overseas. (10-15 hour flights)


If you’re looking for a positive experience, I won’t be of much help. Let me know if you want a negative story, though. ;)

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Tell me everything. I want to know what to expect.

Regional planes can fill up and be pretty cramped. we fly economy plus, but idk about basic economy…


Yh I have seen some reviews of the regional flights, luckily it’s only a short flight.

I was once flying from PDX to TPE with a layover in San Francisco. The layover was only supposed to be 2.5 hours long, but ended up being 7-9 due to aircraft swap and something about the crew being late. We were only given vouchers for a few thousand miles, which was a bit disappointing.


I agree with the assessment that United is hit or miss. I used to fly them a lot (~5+ years ago) and I didn’t really have any bad experiences. But recently they shifted the seats so that they are closer together, much less legroom than before (legroom is the most important thing for me because I am 6’5" tall). I had a direct flight from KTPA-KSFO and it was pretty unbearable because of the leg room. I assume their international flights are more reasonable though. Overall it isn’t a terrible airline but it isn’t the best either.

(Notice the cramped seats I’m talking about are basic economy)


We have had a couple delays(30 min.), only one major one(4.5 hrs), which was because of gate/terminal change and Crew rest regulations needing to be met.

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Ah ok, hopefully I don’t encounter any problems, but thanks for the info.


I wouldn’t mind a short delay, however I wouldn’t be able to cope with a long delay as I’m flying alone.

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The last time I went on United, let’s just say it was a mess…

I went on their 747-400s. The seats were cramped, the plane was fitted with old-school IFE and the food, oh meh gawd…

The bread was so stiff that it hurt when my parents threw it at my head


Luckily, I’m only 5’10.

What aircraft were you flying on?

I wish you a pleasant experience (I know how things can be when travelling solo under the age of 18). :)


Thank you.

May I ask, what is the IFE like?

It was probably a 737 I’m assuming…
I think that is the normal plane they operate on that route

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I was on a 320 United great flight (it sorta helped bec I was in first class)
But United gets ranked as the worst of the legacy so good luck)

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