Has Anyone Flown With Frontier Airlines

Hi everyone I have a question has anyone flown on Frontier Airlines I will be flying with them next month any suggestions that I might need to know because I never flown with them before so I’m not sure the flight is about 5 hours trip so I hope that I like it. I just wanted to have a good idea of what to expect I appreciate everyone’s answers , I’ll be flying to (KSAN) next month so it’s pretty far , that’s way I’m asking thank you very much I appreciate your time and answers to my question, happy flying everyone. 👋🏽😄👍🏽

I sure have! Quite a few times, in fact.

  1. Don’t expect timeliness.

  2. Don’t expect the greatest experience.

  3. In general, don’t expect a lot. It’s a low cost airline, made to get people from A to B.

I hope you have a nice experience! Each time I’ve flown with Frontier, they were average. They also gave me my first airline delay, which was near two hours at MCO.

It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best airline experience. Just go in with general flight expectations.


@SkyHighGuys is the guy to talk too regarding Frontier

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Thank you very much

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Sure thing. Have a nice time with Frontier!

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I hope I like it 😄👍🏽

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Thank you very much I appreciate your help 😄👍🏽

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Watch for unexpected cancellations after midnight before the day of your flight. Personal experience related. Also Frontier does not hold any agreements with other airlines should your flight be canceled. Godspeed and good luck.

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Jeb Brooks is an avid trip reporter and has a great video that recently came out on Frontier. Below I linked the video so you can get somewhat of a taste of what to expect. This is part 2 of his low cost carrier comparison he did of which he compared with other low cost airlines in the US. FYI the report was done on one of Frontier’s Airbus A320 NEO’s


Thank you very much

I have flown them a few times, i recommend Spirit more tho and uhh you said you are on a 5 hour flight Have fun with that
Their crews are really nice that makes things easier

Ok thank you ya it’s 5 hours

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To be honest no :-)
And no AA or United or Delta of Southwest

I haven’t flown them in a while but expect…
Either being on an A320 NEO with a really small tray table and not the best legroom.
Frontier in my opinion is okay, their service is ok but you need to buy your own food off the menu.
Safe travels!

I have. I always do!

Frontier and delta is who I fly with

Yeah @Armani_B I fly with frontier and united a lot. My grandparents live in Denver CO so I fly these two a lot. But I’m not very fond of frontier, and I strongly suggest flying United over frontier. Though it might just be because on the United flight I took yesterday they gave everyone on the flight the entire can of the beverage they wanted

But really there are a lot more reasons why United is the way to go

Thank you very much

@Armani_B I would ask @den.aviation he probably will know better than me which one to fly with. Are you flying it soon?

Yes I I’m 👍🏽