Has anyone flown recently in 40ºC/104ºF heat?

In Australian especially in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane there has been an extreme heatwave that is expected to last 3 days.

Has anyone flown in this heat? And does the temperature decline?

I have flown in 34 degree Celsius heat/ 93 Fahrenheit, and on the ground the plane was so stuffy and uncomfortable, but after a few minutes On route to Hawaii it started to fill a bit cooler.


Yeah! This heatwave is crazy! Never flown in this heat before.

But tommorow I’m going to pilot a foxbat so I guess I’ll tell you then.


Yes the cabin felt warm during our flights to Calgary via Houston and our flights to Detroit and Doha from Miami during summer time. The cabin didnt cool down till we were up North.

Which brings me to this video about cabin temperature complaints from the orangutan.


I’ve flowin in that type of weather it was bumpy in a small single engine

Did it feel like it was going to crash? 😂

Nope not at all. The airplane was still flying like a champ

Uh huh, it’s disgusting down here. Air con can’t cope!


You guys are giving me flashbacks of our summers :( so much heat it’s painful…

I’m luckily not flying till Sunday when it get’s down to 30, never flown in it, luckily


I flew in 41 degrees from Adelaide the other day…

I might actually die with this heat.
I have flow in this weather (not in Australia)

Flown into Dubai, Riyadh, Nairobi etc. etc.

All 50 degrees plus.

Not an issue as long as you plan for it.


Did my flight training in Phoenix, lets just say 40 mid day with no A/C in a small Piper is not fun.

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What about humidity levels ?

It may be hotter in tempature, but the humidity in the east kills you in the summer. I visited basically all west coast And most of the Middle East, you don’t get as much humidity as the states not on the coast but near the coast .

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Kuwait doesn’t have Humidity well even Saudi doesn’t have but other Arab countries have humidity.
I live in Kuwait

I live in Jeddah and this picture is live now in January this is the lowest. humidity today is low but during aug and july it goes up to 100% with 50cimage

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No, and I never hope I have to! Sounds like torture😂. I have flown in pretty cold weather though…

Yep flown all,those, though as SLF so more concerned that the bubbly was served at the right temp! ( when coming home from a ship that is, on way out no booze!)

Its currently winter so no.