Has anyone flown into space?

Has anyone flown into space if so how?

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Get an a F-22 and fly up to 60,000 feet. Preferably step climb.

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I’ve done that. It’s not space

There is a glitch which catapults you up to space. I forgot what it is though and I wouldn’t recommend trying it out.

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Try taking off of the airport “ZUGU” it’s pretty much your only easiest option

You are at the edge of space at 60,000 feet…

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I know what you’re talking about. There’s a glitch in New Zealand

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Technically you can’t get to space, but just go very high.


I’ve tried that and it didn’t work

@CathayPacific is correct. Normal aircraft such as the aircraft that are currently in Infinite Flight cannot get into “space”.

Airplanes rely on air to fly. That is part of aerodynamics. That is one of the reasons why aircraft have wings. Wings help level out the airplane in the air. Space does not have air, therefor it would be impossible for it to fly in space.


Yes I know that. But I saw some videos where they fly into space in IF

They are not flying into “space”. They are flying in the edge of the stratosphere.

Well if we want too get technical here. US designated flight levels go only up to FL600 which is 60.000 feet so anything past that would be considered space.


You can’t really say that cause FL 600 is considered the highest Altitude for airspace in US

That is what I said…

Okay, let’s keed on topic, guys. Don’t want this topic to get closed.

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Guys…it’s simple…the person just wants to get to the highest altitude ever reached…where it simply looks black or seems like you are in space…

Does anyone know of airports where it has a glitch where you fall? Through the ground.

Did somebody say New Zealand…?

As a New Zealander, I have yet to find any space glitch for any airport within New Zealand. So, as far as I know, there isn’t one…

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Then go to 70,000ft then.