Has anyone flown from KJFK-YSSY

Has anyone flown from KJFK-YSSY using the 777-200LR on the Expert Server?

I have done that flight

When I did it it was good tempeture

Also me and my friends are flying from Miami to Boston in training server it would be cool if you join :)

Yes but it is super annoying waiting 17 hours to land a virtual plane


*correction, 19 hrs. It’s very long. qantas operates London to Darwin like once a week or month for COVID repatriation flights. 18 hrs long!

Of course, and Im sure thousands of others have too.

Its the time and effort you put into it that counts ;)

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I did KJFK-YSSY once with a United 777 with a stop in Houston. The JFK-IAH was a nice 3 hours but the IAH-SYD took over 16.

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