Has anyone flown Boston-Narita?

I am kind of curious to see if anyone has flown on the JAL 787-8/9 from Boston to Narita. I personally never flown through Terminal E at BOS, but have always wanted to fly to Japan from Boston. In fact, has anyone ever flown internationally from Boston to anywhere in the world? I would also like to know does Terminal E look like inside, since I’ve only seen the exterior with those lovely jumbo jets. Have you flown Internationally through KBOS?

@CptNathanHope? Have you?

I’ve flown on Emirates BOS-DXB. The terminal, while excellent for plane spotting, isn’t very clean and there aren’t any good shops or restaurants in it.

I don’t see any videos on YouTube about Terminal E. And how about US Customs?

The lines for customs and immigration aren’t too long in Boston.

Terminal E is getting packed. BOS has been getting more International service than what its gates can handle.

Didn’t know that- I went when the terminal was relatively new

Terminal E is getting an expansion to add three gates that can accommodate three (3) Airbus A380’s, and more gates in the future that will replace the UPS and DHL ramp.

Do you know any of the a380 routes that will be coming to Boston?

British Airways is rumored to debut the A380 service with London in February 2017. EGLL/LHR-KBOS.

Awesome- can’t wait to try it!😀

That’s if the new expansion is completed by February next year.

I’ve never been inside Terminal E before, just the ticketing hall neither have I traveled in and out of Terminal E. Customs/immigration lines can get very long during the rush period, usually between 3 and 5PM. I believe that Massport just expanded the customs portion of the terminal to make the process quicker. From others’ experiences, they said that seating is very minimal and there aren’t that many options for good food.

Like the others said, yes, terminal E is getting expanded to handle A380s but to also make Terminal E more pleasing to travelers including more lounge and gate space, more retail and restaurants, and expanded customs area which is already completed.

I have only flown in and out of the part of E that Southwest is in. From what I understand the International part of E isn’t too exciting either, it just has plenty of cool aircraft since Boston gets so many international flights now.

Last time I was in BOS I was at terminal B which was nice and clean. Maybe they will refurbish E and make it more of a pristine international terminal.

I’m going planespotting for the first time in a couple days!

Boston Massachusetts

Bit of a shame in my opinion putting the A380 on a relatively short journey. Personally I’d like to see BA put them on longer routes. This is the way I see it - it’s like buying a footlong from Subway and only eating half of it.

Lol 😂. True

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