Has anyone experienced dual engine failure?

Who experienced duel Engine failure in-flight and what did youguys do?😁😁😁✈✈✈✈


Unless you suffer from fuel starvation…


@Joeoreilly77 unless you run out of fuel. Then its glider time…


My brain is foggy right now 🤦🏻‍♂️


Give it some sun or Vitamin C ;)


Unless you are in a fighter jet, then you are screwed.

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I had a dual Engine failure, or failure and failure, more like Fuel starvation as Levet and Chatta is talking about. I basically glided, but ended up slamming onto the shore of a coast line, on the East of Japan.

Other than that, once my iPad screen froze, I had before the screen freezing, mistakenly tapped, on the engine button, and the engine shut off. For the next 2.5 hours I flew with one engine. I was on Solo Mode, so I wasn’t in any danger that would cause me to lose my grade if I were to crash, but I was in real trouble. After 2.5hrs, my iPad screen began functioning again and I could turn the engine back on. This happened almost 1.5 years ago, just when global released. The issue was my iPad’s fault, which has since been resolved as I’ve switched device twice since then, but it’s still funny to think about, haha 😜


Wow thats hectic forall when the I pad gives problems but atleast you.managed to handle that situation that supper cool my engines of.my 777-300 to Dubai both engines went out because I.never checked.my feul before flight so 10 mins before landing I had to.glide to an airport right below.me I crashed landed because I didnt have power to get to the runway but lucky I landed on grass came in at about 150 KTS was scary thx for the story really appreciate✈✈✈


I practice this scenario often (in IF). I recommened doing it in casual server because you will need all the speed you can get from the descent.

Without looking at your location, cut the engines. Pitch the nose down a bit to maintain speed, then look for a place to land.

This is also my go-to way to end a longer flight that I don’t want to complete as planned. That way the flight isn’t a total waste and I can still hopefully add a landing to the tally.

I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions. The funny part is, I’m never there to see it


Yes - I got my Dispatch released put it in and departed SLC for SFO. Due to winds I used more fuel then expected so about 30 miles Fromm SFO I glided in and landed pretty smoothly lol

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I one time was flying from KLGA to KRDU and ran out of fuel and tried to divert to Norfolk but instead landed in a famer’s field

Hold up. Don’t know if you were here before global, but before global was released, most our flights were around 20-30 minutes. That was due to these things called regions which prevented us going outside them. In 2.5 hours you would’ve easily gone out of the region causing both engines to idle. Also before global we couldn’t turn off engines.

So all in all, you’re lying or you got your story mixed up badly.


I did flying from Auckland - London 777-200LR 30min out but app crashed before I could divert to Amsterdam

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Before Global…? Wait? What. Hold on second. Dang it, it’s supposed to say just when Global released. It was my second flight on global. Ah sorry for the mixup in words. I wrote the post late at night. But it was just when and not before global released. Thanks for finding the mistake, and sorry for the mixup, my bad 😔

And also I used to fly before global too in out smal regions. Mostly in Kuala Lumpur/Singapore. Around 30min flights, that’s what I mostly did before the release of global.

Right, sorry I thought based on your join date that you were a new player who came with global

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Ah no, sorry for the miscommunication. It’s my fault for not being clear :(

In fact I originally began playing IF in 2014. But didn’t fly as much as I do nowadays. Usually were on Solo mode making small jumps between point A to point B. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is was my favorite route to fly back then before global :)

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Or… You could’ve just kept flying in the region. But the engines I don’t know about

Once, I was 70nm out and ran out of fuel, both engines rolled back, I know I wouldn’t make it, I was tired, it was late, I had work the next day, so I ended the flight 🙂


Multiple times on expert server using IF PAX. I have also had other emergencies like fule licks etc. I made safe landings on each occasion.