Has anyone ever flown to Antarctica?

I would be interested to know if anyone has ever flown to the following airports: NZIR, NZWD and NZSP. If yes, share some screenshots so we can all see what Antarctica looks like!

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I spawned in at McMurdo station in Solo. Super boring and flat,

10/10 would not recommend

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It’s been a really long time since i made the trek, but when i was staff at DLVA, we did a challenge with a few pilots of touching every continent in the shortest amount of time (including Antarctica) in the CCX.

With the scenery not being much to look at, other than touching down in Antarctica, it wasn’t that exciting for me ha


I do, I love flying place I have never flown before Antarctica is one of them is nothing to see boring but it also cool and unique and the same time

I did a flight from NZWD to EGLL nonstop a few months ago, the scenery was flat and white and not worth watching,

I flew a 737BBJ from AT24-SKBO-KGJT. The departure of the first leg was super boring other than the fact that the runway at AT24 is only 4000’ feet long. The scenery is just yellowish white and flat. If we had the mountains of Antarctica in IF it would be soo much better.

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