Has anyone ever flew in infinite flight while flying in a plane flying the same route

Has anyone ever actually flew on a plane (prob pre covid) and flew that same route in infinite flight.


I have tried but without strong WiFi the app never loads. Lol.

yeah i tried once, but i wasnt fast enough in IF

I want to try it very badly and soonly

Yep! I’ve done comparisons as well. It’s pretty cool to do during a flight!


Fun fact… I was flying KTPA to KCLT and I flew that route while on the plane doing the same route. It was kinda laggy and internet was patchy but was a awesome experience! At the time I didn’t know how to make a good flight plan so it was a faster route.


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I have once which was from ANC to SEA. I had to do it on solo though because live was a bit laggy with the plane’s wifi. But I did land a few minutes before my real flight landed.

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I’ve done so 3-4 years ago when I was 11. Global wasn’t yet released so you could fly on solo without internet.

I was on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu from Vegas and remember crashing and burning my Hawaiian 767 in-game. The flight attendant asked what app I was playing and I told them.

Anyone know a Hawaiian Airlines F/A on the community? 🙃


I failed when I flew VHHH-EGLL because my dad didn’t let me to buy wifi so I couldn’t load the flight.

That was an interesting story😂😂


I used to when solo was available offline… I hadn’t renewed my pro at the time but I used to go on solo and takeoff at any airport while my plane was taking off irl, and then whenever it would turn I would turn with it (I was bad at the time, it was quite a few years ago) at a bank angle lol

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Yeah i did the passenger next to me was verry confused 😂 it was Emirates A380 from Dubai to Düsseldorf.

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Next time I am going to fly, I will Ask the Pilot what route they fly lol (not if it’s out at Flight Aware or similar)

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in april im going to fly KLGA to KCHS delta operates the e175 but we all know in infinite flight that plane sucks so any suggestions for plane?

I do the A319 sometimes instead of e175 but a crj could work too.

I’ve tried doing this but never have completed it

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Tried a flight with TAP A320 on a TAP A320 IRL , but I couldn’t finish it after the take off due to lack of wifi and battery , btw I took off at the same time of the aircraft in which I was seating , it was pretty cool ^^

Yes I actually have a while ago when IF didn’t need wifi days

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