Has anyone ever done the Qantas Perth-London non-stop?

I did this flight about a week ago and wondered if anyone else had tried or finished it. It took me 17hrs and 10minutes


Well I did the flight from London to Perth but when I was 30min out from the airport, my game crashed

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Yes have done it 3 or 4 times also done the reverse flight twice as well. Good fun.


Oh I would be very angry at that

Yeah it’s great fun

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Oh yeah I was enraged haha

Yeah, it is a good flight, especially when the tailwinds are in your favor.

I have done this flight although I was probably a little fast xD


Why were your flaps extended during cruise?

Yes, plenty of times each way

Idk, this was a while ago a little after I got the game so I didn’t know a lot.

But maybe this is why although its not for IF


I’ve done London to Perth but not the other way around. Perhaps I’ll try it this week!

Jeez that’s an hour quicker


Yes, I did it 4 days ago. Was an amazing flight, took 16:30 hrs!

I know it’s such a special flight to do

doing it right now

Nice have a safe flight

I have done this flight many times. Its a nice flight but it just takes forever.

It took me 16H.

Has anyone ever tried the New York to singapore flight?